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Temporary discount by Brio BV 
2 bags for free when ordering  

Temporary discount 

2 bags for FREE when ordering a pallet of piglet feed.

From 01-07-2020 until 30-09-2020 we have a promotion with piglet feeds. Brio BV gives away 2 free bags (2x 25kg) when ordering a pallet (1,000kg) of piglet feed. This applies to both the Piglet Milk and the Prestarter. 

The products can be found in the following link:


You can place an order in the webshop, or send us an email.

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For questions please contact us.

Mail:     info@piglet-feed.com
Phone: +31(0)6-23298282

Brio piglet feed

The future lies with the youth. They deserve the very best care and therefore quality feed. Only then can your piglets develop into healthy adult animals on which your farm can rely. Specially for the youngest newcomers, Brio offers a variety of piglet feed to promote growth and contribute to good health. Quality always comes first. For any special requirements, please contact us in order to develop a specific piglet feed, to meet your wishes.

Brio BV supplies piglet feed to promote the health and development of your piglets.

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