Tips for mixing piglet milk

A number of tips for mixing piglet milk can be found below.

Mixing piglet milk

A number of factors relevant for the best possible return on Brio piglet milk. To begin with, it is important to use the appropriate milk for the relevant phase. During the first 2 weeks of life, Brio GO is recommended. After the first 2 weeks, we recommend Brio Peak. When used in this sequence, there is a gradual transition to the Brio prestarter.

The return on Brio piglet milk is not only influenced by the type of piglet milk, but also by the mixing process. The correct method of preparation is essential for absorption of the feed and for piglet growth. Factors playing a role here are: hygiene, temperature/mixing time and the concentration. Further explanation of the factors is given below. 


Hygiene is essential when mixing the piglet milk. Make sure the equipment used for mixing the milk is kept clean at all times. Remember to pay extra attention to the feeding bowl. Regular cleaning of the feeding bowl will prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. In a mechanical feeding process, it is essential that the mixer tank and pipelines are cleaned thoroughly. In an automatic system, it is also important that the milk is not pumped under too great a pressure, as this will affect the quality of the milk.

Temperature/mixing time 

Brio BV recommends dissolving the milk at a temperature of 45-50°C. A thermostatic tap or thermometer will serve you well for this purpose. It is important that the water is of the right temperature. Too low a temperature will result in poor solubility of the milk, while too high a temperature results in denaturation of proteins (rendering them indigestible). Feed the piglets as soon as possible after mixing the milk, to make sure the milk does not cool too much. Preferably around 40°C.

Besides the temperature, the mixing time is also important. A mixing time of 30 seconds to 1 minute is sufficient. Mixing too long (>5 min.) can result in oxygen intake and butter formation. 


The final important factor when mixing piglet milk is the concentration. Brio BV recommends a concentration of 200-250 grams per litre when feeding manually. However when using a cup system, we recommend a concentration of 130-150 grams per litre. Use scales to measure the correct amount. 

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