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Piglets learn from their mother
Besides the feed, there must be a sufficient supply of clean drinking water

Feed supplements are essential for maximum growth of the piglets. This also prepares the piglets for solids and the consequences, such as the use of feed troughs. The positioning of the feed trough in the weaning stall greatly influences how much feed the piglets consume. The use of the feed trough by the sow stimulates the piglets to also make use of it. In order to optimally stimulate feeding, it is essential that the feed trough is placed at the head of the sow. 

The intestinal villi will initially need to adjust to the consequences of supplementary feed. Piglets who have consumed solids before weaning will have quicker and better intake of feed following the weaning period. Moreover, supplementary feed before the weaning period stimulates piglet growth in the subsequent stage.

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Supplementary feed for piglets supports healthy intestinal development. Supplementary feeding will result in deeper crypts upon weaning (crypts are responsible for new intestinal villi tissue) for quicker recovery of the villi. After weaning, the tops of the villi will be less flat, if the piglets can easily find feed and water, and quickly consume enough feed.

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