Brio Active-Drink

Brio Active-Drink

Brio Active-Drink ensures a quick and problem-free recovery after farrowing. It provides immediately absorbable energy and necessary electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Brio Active-Drink is also suitable for weakened piglets which can use some extra help/support after their birth.

·       For sows that quickly need energy after farrowing

·       For piglets that could use some extra help / support after birth

·       Instantly absorbable energy

·       Contains necessary electrolytes, vitamins and minerals

·       Improves vitality and resistance in stressful situations

·       Stabilizes the stomach and intestinal flora

Active-Drink can be taken in two different ways.
It can be mixed with water or you can just add it to the final feed/product.

For a feeding schedule or more information about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brio Active-Drink is packed in 12.5 kg bags


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Brio Active-Drink

Crude protein 2.60%
Crude fat 4.70%
Crude ash 9.00%
Crude fibre 0.05%
Sodium 4.50%
Calcium 4.50%
Magnesium 0.50%
Vitamin A 275.000 I.E.
Vitamin D3 32.500 I.E.
Vitamin E 2.050 I.E.
Vitamin C 4.400 mg
Vitamin K3 23 mg
Vitamin B2 90 mg
Vitamin B1 130 mg
Vitamin B6 90 mg
Vitamin B12 425 mcg
Iodine 2,75 mg
Selenium 1,75 mg
Manganese 142,50 mg
Zinc 175,00 mg
Iron 245,00 mg
Copper 20,50 mg



Dextrose, whey powder, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, oils and fats (palm, coconut), calcium carbonate, aromatic substance, B-carotene.


Specific piglet feed

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